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Research Documents



Overview of Project

Year 1 Overview (Word document)
Timelines for Year 1 (Word document)
Strategy Outline (Word document)
IRT Overview (PowerPoint presentation)
Schedule for Startup Meeting (Word document)
Agenda Items for Mid-year Meeting (Word document)
IRT Overview of Phase 1, 2, and 3 (Word document)
Year 3 Design (Word document)

Classroom Assessment
The conclusion of each phase will be determined by the instructor using the following checklists.

Phase I Basic Skills Checklist
Phase II Checklist

Data Collection and Analysis




School Recruitment
SC School Data Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)
CT Priority districts (Word document)
Principal Letter of Invitation (Word document)
Superintendent Invite Letter (Word document)
Recruitment Letter (Word document)
Levels of Project Commitment (Word document)
Principal email (Word document)


English-Spanish Consent forms (PDF document)


Miscellaneous Communications
IRB Thank You Email (Word document)
Letter to Tech Coordinators at Schools (Word document)
Newsletter to Partner Schools
Incentives Certificate (Word document)
Letter to Teachers (Word document)
Survey report cover (Word document)
Apprec letter after survey (Word document)
Sample school report (Word document)


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